Faux Red Tiger Eye Polymer Clay Lariat Tutorial

Faux Red Tiger Eye Polymer Clay Lariat
Faux Red Tiger Eye Polymer Clay Lariat

In this tutorial I'll show you how to make a polymer clay lariat necklace out of faux red tiger eye. We will be making a resinned donut pendant, cone beads and our own end cap, all out of faux red tiger eye.

The link to part one of this tutorial, How to Make Faux Red Tiger Eye, is in the suggested links box below the video.

You will need the following supplies:

How to Make A Faux Red Tiger Eye Polymer Clay Lariat Necklace Step by Step

The Donut
  • To start with you need the faux red tiger eye sheets that we made in the previous tutorial.
  • Next you will need some cutters. One smaller than the other. I am using Circles from JessamaDesign.
  • You want your clay to be fairly thick, so I am doubling up my sheet.
  • Place your smaller cutter on the sheet, then the second cutter to form an even circle around it. Press down to cut out your donut. Cut using both cutters together to prevent distortion.
  • Remove the excess clay and pick up the donut using your blade.
  • Gently clean up the edges.
  • Bake for an hour at your brand's recommended temperature.
The Endcap Veneers
  • Roll your leftover Tiger Eye into a log, and roll it flat with your acrylic roller.
  • Run through the pasta machine on the thickest setting.
  • Trim off thin pieces and roll them into spirals.
  • Place the spirals together to make a sheet.
  • Roll flat with your roller.
  • Make a second sheet by trimming long pieces and rolling them together into a log. Twist the log, squish back up and flatten.
Making the Endcaps and Cones for the Polymer Clay Lariat Necklace
  • Trim up the edges of your two veneers.
  • Take a piece of scrap clay and roll it into a cylinder around 1.5cm by 0.5cm.
  • Wrap a strip of your veneer around it then roll into a ball. Pinch one end to make a cone.
  • Roll into a nice shape and make sure one end is flat ready for drilling.
  • Repeat to make a second and third cone.
  • To make an end cap, cut a strip from your veneer, and wrap around a wooden dowel. Mine is around 0.5cm in diameter.
  • Use your blade to tap the edges into place.
  • Use a cutter to cut out a small circle and place it on the end of the dowel. Tap to stick it to the wrapped part.
  • Gently trim using a craft knife and smooth.
  • Twist away from the wood.
  • Place back on the wood and bake with the cones for an hour.
Finishing Up
  • Sand the donut starting from the lowest to the highest grit.
  • I am finishing mine off by applying a layer of liquid clay to one side and a layer of resin to the other. You could put either on both sides if you like.
  • If you want to see how to apply the liquid clay, I have a tutorial on Patreon on the five dollar level.
  • For instructions for the ice resin watch the process on this video.
  • Allow it to cure for 24 hours.
  • Use a pin drill to drill holes in the tops of your cones.
  • Cover your cones and end cap with a liquid clay layer.
Making the Polymer Clay Lariat Necklace
  • Drill a hole through your donut and your bead cap using a push or pin drill.
  • Cut three lengths of suede of about 20cm each. I am using two wine red pieces and one dark tan.
  • Test that the suede will fit into the end of your cone. If not enlarge the hole with your drill.
  • Squeeze out a small amount of E6000 onto a skewer and fill your cone with it.
  • Coax the end of your suede into the hole. Allow to dry for a few hours.
  • Repeat for the other cords.
  • Place a copper jumpring through the hole in the donut.
  • Squeeze a copper cord end onto the end of each cord.
  • Open the loop of an eyepin and slide the three cord ends onto it. Close the loop.
  • Slide the eyepin through the inside of the cap and hide the cord ends.
  • Use your round nose pliers to make a loop at the top of the cap.
  • Open the loop and place a jumpring through it and reclose.
  • Thread the cones through the middle of the donut.
And that's how to make a faux Red Tiger Eye polymer clay lariat necklace. I hope you enjoyed that tutorial.

Faux Red Tiger Eye Polymer Clay Lariat Tutorial

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