Polymer Clay Bib and Collar Necklace Tutorials

Collar necklaces are a great way to showcase your favorite polymer clay techniques. They can be intimidating at first but in the tutorials below I hope to show you everything you need to know to make the process easy and rewarding.

I'll show you tips and tricks to get the shapes just right, how to bake them so that they sit beautifully on the neckline, as well as how to achieve a smooth satin sheen.

You will be able to use the simple polymer clay techniques I show you, and with some practice, make stunning bib and collar necklaces using any cane, veneer or even surface effect of your choice.

Polymer Clay collar necklace

Easy Polymer clay collar necklace tutorial

Polymer Clay collar necklace

In this tutorial I'll show you how to make an easy but stunning polymer clay collar necklace.

This tutorial covers all the basics that the other collar tutorials will build on, so be sure to watch to the end.

Rockpool polymer clay collar necklace

Rockpool Polymer Clay Collar Necklace Tutorial

Rockpool polymer clay collar necklace

In this Rockpool collar necklace tutorial I'll be showing you how to put silk and bubbles and oyster watercolor veneers together to create a collar. I also include a neat little trick for covering up the seams between the veneers.

The links for the veneers you will need to complete the project are included in the tutorial.

Thousand Flowers polymer clay collar

Thousand Flowers Polymer Clay Collar Tutorial

Thousand Flowers polymer clay collar

In this polymer clay collar tutorial we will be making what I have called a donut collar. It's a one piece collar with a hole in it just like a donut pendant. You can leave the hole empty, or you can fill it with another veneer if you like, or even create a collar bezel instead.

In this instance we will be leaving the hole empty, and we will be using beautiful silver mica shifts and the blended flower cane from part one of this tutorial to create the effect of flowers blowing away in the wind.

DownUnder Polymer Clay Bib Collar

Down Under Polymer Clay Bib Collar Tutorial

DownUnder Polymer Clay Bib Collar

In this polymer clay bib collar tutorial we will be making an antiqued, crackled boomerang collar that resembles aged pottery.

In this tutorial I have used a tribal theme and earthy colors, but you could swap these out to create many different effects.

This polymer clay project was great fun to make. I hope you enjoy it.

Winters night polymer clay bib necklace

Winters Night Polymer Clay Bib Necklace Tutorial

Winters night polymer clay bib necklace

In this tutorial we will be making a beautiful Winter's Night polymer clay bib necklace with earrings to match.

The result is really eye-catching, but you will find that it is so simple to make. The project consists of simple elements of mica shift and texture, with a few slices of snowflake cane to give that wintery feel.  I'll show you tips and tricks to get your veneer nice and flat and how to achieve a smooth, glassy finish.

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