Polymer Clay Supplies - mixed media and embellishments

Mixed media polymer clay supplies
Mixed media polymer clay supplies

From Mica Powder to Pebeo Fantasy Paint, I will be covering the fascinating world of mixed media polymer clay supplies and embellishments here.

Over the course of the past few years, polymer clayers around the world have begun to experiment with a wonderful range of mixed media. The addition of these many different mediums has taken the art of polymer clay to a whole new level.

This page will be continually evolving as I add more and more of the wonderful options available. From Mica Powder to Pebeo Fantasy Paint, I will be covering the fascinating world of mixed media for polymer clay here.

I will also be delving into some of the embellishments that you can use to add creativity and spark to your projects.

mixed media Polymer Clay Supplies

Mica powders

Mica Powder

Mica powders

Mica powders are used extensively in the polymer clay community and a great addition to your polymer clay kit. Whether it’s to bring out the pattern after using a texture sheet or to help create faux sheets, mica powders pair perfectly with polymer clay.

In this article we will explore the different brands and some of the fun techniques you can use mica powders for.

Mica Powder, eye shadow and pastels.

Mica Powders, Pastels and Eye shadow - Which is best?

Mica Powder, eye shadow and pastels.

In this polymer clay article I'll be going through the pros and cons of mica powders, eye shadows and pastels.

There is also a video showing how the different powders appear on polymer clay.

Pebeo paint review for polymer clay

pebeo paint review for polymer clay

Pebeo paint review for polymer clay

Pebeo Fantasy Paints have been around for a while now, and quite a few people have been trying them out with polymer clay. I haven’t really seen anyone go into real depth on what the paint does or how to use it though, so I’m hoping to address some of that here. This will be an ongoing process as I experiment more with it, so expect to see more tutorials in the near future.

In this tutorial, I'll be giving a brief overview of Pebeo Paints, as well as reviewing how they react with polymer clay and giving a few tips and tricks on using them.

I will be adding many polymer clay supplies articles to this section over the next few months. If you have a particular supply that you would like me to explain or review, feel free to let me know in the comments. I will prioritize it on my list.

Over time I will also be adding product compatibility testing to the site, so if you know of a product that you would like tested, please let me know about that too.

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