Pebeo Paint Review

Pebeo Paint Review
Pebeo Paint Review

In this tutorial, I'll be reviewing Pebeo paints and how they react with polymer clay. I'll also include a few tips and tricks on using them. From how to know for certain what the effect will look like to what do before you start working with them, I'll cover it all here.

Pebeo fantasy paints have been used with polymer clay for a while now, but I haven’t really seen anyone go into real depth on what you can expect from this paint, so I’m hoping to help with that in this article. Be sure to watch the video too, as it includes more detail and you will be able to see what the paints look like.

Getting started with Pebeo paints

  • You should always mix the paint before using it as it contains particles that create the effect. These settle to the bottom of the bottle and need to be stirred up before use.
  • It’s difficult to tell what the paint's effect will look like before it’s cured. To help with this, I like to pour some paint into the top of the lid and let it cure. Whenever I do a project I check the lid to see what the paint will look like.
  • Make sure your polymer clay piece is all finished before adding Pebeo Fantasy Paints as it’s best not to bake them.

Pebeo Paints: Problems you may encounter

  • The paint can cause your polymer clay piece to bend while the paint cures. The thinner your piece the worse the curve. So make sure your piece is nice and thick before applying the paint, or find a way to weight the piece down without touching the paint. This is only really feasible if you are using a bezel of some kind.
  • You need enough space for the paints to cure. If you put them into small spaces they won’t bloom as much as they would in a larger space. See the video for examples.
  • You can bake the Pebeo Fantasy Paints for short amounts of time, but like resin they will take on a yellow tint and lose some of their depth.
  • The paints take a good six weeks to fully cure on polymer clay. They appear cured long before this, but after a lot of testing and scratching I have found that the paint that is in contact with the clay remains very tacky for up to six weeks.
  • Even when the paint is fully cured it never develops a rock hard finish. The paint can still be marked and needs something to protect it from getting dented.
  • Pebeo Fantasy Paints can be rather expensive.

What i love about pebeo paints

  • Pebeo Fantasy paints come in a few different effects. I’m only working with the Prisme and Moon paints as those are the most interesting. The Prisme paint has beautiful swirling blooms that are fascinating to work with, while the Moon paint looks like lots of craters forming in the curing paint.
  • Although this can be seen as a downside, I quite like the fact that the paints will curve a piece. It can be used to your advantage and is definitely something I’m going to look into.
  • They come in many beautiful colors and they’re all metallic.
  • You can play with the paints while they dry, and they have a long curing time, so there are lots of possibilities to explore there.
  • Although Pebeo Fantasy Paints are expensive, they go a long way and last a long time.
  • These paints don’t need a bezel and so can be used on any flat piece.

Overall I like Pebeo Fantasy Paints. I still want to play with them before I can recommend them at full price, but if you do find them on special by all means buy them. They’re definitely worth playing around with.

Pebeo Fantasy paint video review

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