Starry Night Polymer Clay Jewellery Tutorial

Polymer clay starry night necklace
Polymer clay starry night necklace

This Starry Night Polymer Clay Jewellery set is a spin on Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night painting. This is one of my favorite of his works and I thought that I would love to capture it in polymer clay.

I created pendants in a full collar design in order to do justice to the panorama of the Starry Night.

You will need the following supplies:

  • Polymer clay (I’m using Premo cobalt, zinc yellow, white and black)
  • A pasta machine
  • An acrylic roller
  • A tissue blade
  • An oven
  • Shape cutters (I'm using my Cleopatra set)
  • A texture for the backs of the beads (I'm using sponge)
  • Wet/dry sandpaper/ polishing papers
  • A hand drill
  • A cloth
  • Renaissance wax
  • Ice Resin
  • A clasp
  • Two jumprings
  • Two crimps
  • Two charlotte crimps
  • Clear seed beads
  • Black accu-flex beading wire, 49 strands, softest drape.
  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Flush cutters

Making Starry Night Polymer Clay Jewellery Step by Step

Making the Starry Night Veneer:
  • To start you’ll need a roughly equal amount of Premo Zinc Yellow and Premo White and twice the amount of Premo Cobalt Blue rolled into logs.
  • Chop each log into rough pieces.
  • Squish the pieces together and roll into a log.
  • Roughly chop again, squish together again and compact into a log.
  • Roll a sheet of black polymer clay through the middle setting of the pasta machine.
  • Lay the log on the black sheet and trim up the sides of the sheet so that it is the same width as the log.
  • Wrap the log with the black sheet.
  • Roll your log to eliminate air bubbles and reduce to around a 1cm diameter.
  • Cut your log into pieces around 3cm in length.
  • Taper one end of each piece and roll them into snails.
  • Place all of your snail pieces together to form a sheet, alternating with longer snakes and smaller snails. See the video for the process.
  • Roll your whole sheet flat using your acrylic roller.
  • Shave off the black layer from the top of your sheet using your flexible tissue blade to reveal the starry night pattern.
  • Run the sheet through your pasta machine on the thickest setting.
  • Run the sheet through again on the second thickest setting to flatten it out.
Making the Pendants:
  • Use a cutter of your choice to cut out your pendants. I'm using a cutter from my Cleopatra Collar set.
  • I cut out around 20 pieces.
  • Run over the pieces lightly with your fingertips to remove fingerprints and bake for 15 minutes at the recommended temperature just to set them.
  • Roll out a sheet of black Premo on the thickest setting and lay it on your work surface.
  • Lay your cooled, baked pieces on the black clay and cut around them again using your cutter.
  • Tidy up the edges and trim if necessary.
  • Texture the backs. I will be using a piece of foam.
  • Bake them again for a full hour at the recommended temperature.
  • Finish off the sides using the Jessama Smear Technique.
  • Bake again for half an hour at the recommended temperature.
  • When cooled, sand the front, back and sides using your wet/dry sandpaper or polishing papers. Start from the lowest grit, in my case 400, to the highest, in my case 8000.
  • Drill the pendants through their sides using a hand drill.
  • Give each a pendant a light coat of Renaissance wax on the backs and sides, then give them a good buff with an old rag or a dremel tool.
  • Apply a layer of resin to each pendant. I like to use Ice Resin. If you aren't familiar with using resin see my full tips and tricks resin tutorial for help with that.
  • Allow to cure for 24 hours.
Stringing your Starry Night Polymer Clay Jewellery:
  • Divide your pendants up into two rough groups of predominantly yellow or blue to help keep the overall effect even after stringing. I'm going to string mine in a one yellow, one blue pattern.
  • Cut a length of accu-flex. I like 16” long. String on a charlotte crimp and then a crimp. Leave a small tail of string and then squish the crimp. Bring the charlotte crimp back up and close it around the crimp. Open a jump ring and link that through the hole in the charlotte crimp. Put your clasp onto the jump ring and close the ring.
  • Start your stringing with about 10 clear seed beads.
  • Then add your pendants onto the accuflex in the order that you have decided on, with a single seed bead between each one.
  • Finish off with about 10 clear seed beads.
  • To finish your polymer clay necklace just repeat the steps with the charlotte crimps and clasp above.
And that's your finished Starry Night polymer clay jewellery.

In the video tutorial I show a lot of different tips and tricks to help get the most out of the process, so please do take a look at that.

Starry Night Polymer Clay Jewellery Tutorial

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