Polymer Clay Striped Cane Tutorial

How to make a polymer clay striped cane
How to make a polymer clay striped cane

In this tutorial I’ll be showing a basic cane with black and white stripes. The striped cane is an important, basic polymer clay technique that is often used in combination with other techniques. You will often see it in more complex caning projects, as well as Mokume Gane. So, although it looks simple, it is an important cane to learn before you progress to more exciting polymer clay designs.

This polymer clay tutorial is part two of three in my African Fabric Inspired Cane series. The links to the rest of the series are in the suggested links box below the video.

You will need the following supplies:

  • Two colors of polymer clay (I’m using black and white Kato)
  • A tissue blade
  • An acrylic roller
  • A pasta machine

Steps To Making A Polymer Clay Striped Cane

  • Start with a sheet of black polymer clay and a sheet of white polymer clay, both rolled out on the thickest setting on your pasta machine. (You can also choose your own colors.)
  • Stack one sheet on top of the other and roll through the thickest setting on your pasta machine.
  • Trim away any distorted edges.
  • Cut the sheet in half and stack again. Cut that in half and stack again. You should now have eight stripes in your stack. You can stack more if you want.
  • Once you’re happy with the number of stripes, gently roll along each of the stack's sides with an acrylic roller. This will get rid of air bubbles.
  • Reduce the cane if you want to to make the stripes thinner.
You should now have a polymer clay cane with black and white stripes. The easiest cane you will ever make!

You can vary the appearance of your cane by adjusting the initial thickness of your sheets to create thicker or thinner stripes, or by changing the colors. And remember, there is no rule that says you have to stick to two colors, so go ahead and experiment.

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Polymer Clay Striped Cane Tutorial

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If you need more information on reducing your canes, take a look at my reducing polymer clay canes tutorial, where I show how to reduce round, square, triangular and hexagonal canes correctly.

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