Translucent Polymer Clay Lace Cane

Translucent polymer clay lace cane tutorial
Translucent polymer clay lace cane tutorial

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make a translucent polymer clay lace cane, as well as many different design ideas and other translucent cane examples. After so many requests on my Patreon page, I have finally gotten around to it!

The translucent lace cane is a very versatile polymer clay cane that can be incorporated into lots of different projects. The principles presented in this polymer clay tutorial can also be used to make non-translucent lace canes.

You will need the following supplies:

  • Translucent polymer clay (I’m using Premo)
  • Black polymer clay (I’m using Premo)
  • White polymer clay (I’m using Premo)
  • A tissue blade
  • An acrylic roller
  • A pasta machine

Steps To Making A Translucent Polymer Clay Lace Cane

  • Start with a sheet of black polymer clay and a sheet of white polymer clay, both rolled out on the thickest setting on your pasta machine.
  • Stack the two sheets and trim the edges.
  • Roll a good amount of translucent polymer clay into a cylinder with a diameter of approximately 3/4".
  • Wrap the black and white stacked sheets you prepared earlier around the cylinder. Trim away any excess and neaten the join.
  • Reduce the wrapped cylinder until you can cut at least eight pieces of equal length from it. The more the better.
  • Place the pieces together in a random fashion and condense back down into a round cylinder.
  • Cut away the edges to tidy up your cane.
You should now have a translucent lace cane.

You can vary the appearance of your bullseye lace cane by adjusting how big your cylinders are, how many you incorporate, and how you put them together. Try using different size cylinders in one cane for a more random effect.

See the video tutorial for other translucent polymer clay canes you can make using the same principles. I also show several design ideas that incorporate translucent lace canes to get you started.

Translucent Polymer Clay Lace Cane

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