Striped Checkerboard Border Cane Polymer Clay Tutorial

Striped polymer clay border cane
Striped polymer clay border cane

In this polymer clay tutorial I'll be showing you how to make a striped checkerboard border cane. This cane is easy to make and adds interest to even the most simple projects.

It's the next step for beginners after completing the basic canes, and is a quick and easy way to make your work look more exciting while you are learning the building blocks.

This polymer clay technique isn't restricted to being used as a border for another cane, but can be used to make a few different canes as shown in the tutorial.

You will need the following supplies:

  • Two colors of polymer clay (I’m using black and white Premo)
  • A tissue blade
  • An acrylic roller
  • A pasta machine

Steps To Making A Polymer Clay Striped Checkerboard Border

  • Start with two sheets of clay, one of each color. They should be rolled out on the thickest setting on your pasta machine. (I'm using black and white - you can choose any colors.)
  • Stack the two colors and trim away any raggedy edges.
  • Roll though the pasta machine again on the thickest setting.
  • Cut the sheet in half and stack one piece on top of the other, with white touching black.
  • Repeat until you have stacked the sheet about four times.
  • Now you’ll have a Striped Cane.
  • Cut equal slices from the Striped Cane and lay them side by side so that the stripes alternate in color.
  • Continue to do this until you’ve used up the whole Striped Cane.
  • Gently flatten with your acrylic roller, rolling in the direction of the stripes to stick all the pieces together.
  • Roll through your pasta machine at the thickest setting so that you lengthen the stripes.
  • Roll through again on a medium setting.
  • Trim the edges to neaten it up.
You should now have a polymer clay Striped Checkerboard Border Cane.

You can use it to wrap any canes. I show how to wrap a Jellyroll Cane in the tutorial.

You could also just take a slice and roll it up to get a sort of Jellyroll Checkerboard Cane.

See the tutorial for more information.

Striped Checkerboard Border Cane Polymer Clay Tutorial

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