How to Make a Leftover Feather Cane

polymer clay leftover feather cane
polymer clay leftover feather cane

In this polymer clay tutorial I'll show you how to turn a pile of clay leftovers into a beautiful leftover feather cane.

I love this technique, because every feather you make will turn out differently. You'll never get two exactly the same. It's always a surprise, and they're really pretty.

You will need the following supplies:

  • Leftover polymer clay
  • Black polymer clay
  • A tissue blade
  • A pasta machine
  • An acrylic roller

How to Make a Polymer Clay Leftover Feather Cane Step by Step

  • To start you’ll need a large ball of leftover clay.
  • Chop this up into a bunch of small pieces and bunch them back together into a ball. Then roll it into a cylinder.
  • Wrap the cylinder with a sheet of black that has been rolled out on the middle setting of your pasta machine.
  • Trim away any excess.
  • Reduce the cane until it has a 1cm diameter. It needs to be long enough for you to cut out at least 60 segments by the end of the next step.
  • When you’re happy that it’s reduced enough, flatten the cane out with your fingertips.
  • Flatten again using your acrylic roller.
  • Trim off the distorted ends.
  • Run it through the pasta machine on the thickest setting. Make sure you’re running it through in such a way that you’re lengthening the cane.
  • Repeat on the middle setting.
  • Cut at least 60 pieces from the now flat cane.
  • Roll out a sheet of black polymer clay on the middle setting of your pasta machine.
  • Cut out a segment from it. This is going to be the middle of your feather.
  • Squash the top of the segment so that it ends in a point. Set that aside for now.
  • Take one of the 60 cane pieces you cut out before and place it on your tile. Take another piece and lay it on top of the first, but offset it just a bit so that it looks like it’s starting to slide off of the first piece.
  • Continue doing this until you’ve used up 30 pieces. This is the first half of your feather. See the video for the correct procedure.
  • Repeat this so that you have two half feathers.
  • Place the black segment you put aside between these two. Gently push all the pieces together.
  • Trim off the edges of the feather cane.
  • Reduce your cane into the shape of a feather. See the video for the correct procedure.
  • Trim off the distorted ends.
  • Allow your cane to rest and cool before slicing.
This is how you make a beautiful Feather Cane from a ball of leftover clay.

How to Make a Leftover Feather Cane

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