Premo Sculpey Polymer Clay Review

Premo Sculpey Review
Premo Sculpey Review

Premo Sculpey is one of the most recognized polymer clay brands available. Everyone seems to be using it. I use it for over half of my projects. So why is this polymer clay so popular and are there things you should look out for when using it?

That’s what I’ll be covering in this video review. From the endless line of colors, to why you should be careful in hot weather, I’ll go through all the pros and cons of Premo Sculpey.

Premo Sculpey Polymer Clay Review

Let’s start with the good things about Premo polymer clay:
  • The first and most obvious upside is the color range. Premo's basic clay is available in almost any color you could think of, ready to use straight from the packet.
  • There is very little color-shift on baking provided that you prevent the clay from scorching.
  • Premo is a good all round clay. It is useful for most polymer clay techniques except complex canes.
  • Premo is easy to use in cold climates or during winter time. It's nice and soft.
  • It's very strong and resists wear and tear well.
  • Premo clay's range includes two translucents both of which I use extensively: translucent (slight orange hue when baked) and white translucent (slight blue hue when baked).
  • Not too much of a strong smell. This is helpful if you are sensitive to odors and chemical smells.
  • There are also a large number of special effect clays. These include metallics, neons, glitters and more.

Now let's take a look at a few things to look out for:
  • It can be challenging to mix up new colors using this clay. You can end up with muddy colors because there is usually more than one primary color in each clay. There are no true primaries.
  • Colors are periodically and randomly discontinued, which means redoing color recipes if you mix your own or changing the colors in your product line if you use the colors as they are from the packet.
  • It can be a little expensive depending on where you live.
  • It is sticky in warm weather. It becomes difficult to work with and picks up a lot of dirt.
  • It is not ideal for creating complex polymer clay canes because it is too soft.
Overall I really recommend it. It is one of my favorite clays. I use Kato in the summer because Premo gets too sticky, but Premo is my go-to cold weather polymer clay.

Premo Sculpey Polymer Clay Review

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