Lucy Clay Stencil Review

Lucy Clay Stencils Review
Lucy Clay Stencils Review

A review and demonstration of the new Lucy Clay Stencils for polymer clay. What I thought about them, tips for using them and things to look out for.

I saw these the other day and I just had to get some and try them out. So here’s what I thought of them.

Getting started with Stencils

  • Stencils make a great alternative to silkscreens.
  • You can use these stencils with paints, pastels, mica powders and more. There are links to tutorials in the box below the video.
  • It's best to use them on raw clay. You will achieve better coverage.
  • Remember to always clean and dry after use, and store them carefully to prolong their life. 

What I love about lucy clay stencils

  • I love that the images on the stencils are so small. It allows for a lot of detail on each piece. The eBay stencils I’ve been using up to now are not designed specifically for polymer clay and the designs tend to be too big.
  • They’re completely clear, which means you can see the clay pattern beneath the stencil. This makes it easier to match up your design perfectly.
  • They leave sharp, crisp images that look great on the polymer clay.
  • They are fairly flexible and quite thin in comparison to scrapbooking stencils.
  • They’re super easy to clean. If you’ve ever used silkscreens you'll know how hard they can be to keep clean, but stencils aren’t like this. You can take your time painting your pattern without worrying about the paint drying on the stencil. All you have to do is pop the stencil under running water and let the paint wash off. This the biggest advantage of stencils over silkscreens in general.
  • The patterns used in the stencils match perfectly with the Lucy Clay Extruder patterns, so now you can match them up in your designs.
  • They are so much cheaper than silkscreens.

A Few Minor problems

  • The variety of the designs are fairly limited. They are designed to match with the extruder, which is great, but this means that all of the patterns are very geometric in nature. I’d love to see some different patterns. Maybe some organic nature patterns like wood and flowers.
  • These stencils are a bit flimsy when compared to the scrapbooking ones on eBay, so you must be careful with them.

The couple of minor issues mentioned above are really small problems and don’t discredit the product at all. I highly recommend these as an alternative to silkscreens and I’m really happy that I bought them.

Please see the video for more information and to see all of the different designs.

Lucy Clay Stencil video Review

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