Skinner Blend Cutters Demo Tutorial

This is a short demo tutorial to show you how to use my Skinner Blend cutters. The cutters are designed to take all of the guess work out of making a Skinner Blend.

Whether you want a two part or a ten part blend, or something in between, just choose the correct triangle and your blend will always fit neatly within the edges of a standard pasta machine.

No more trying to butt the edges of your blend and distorting it to make it fit!

The cutters are available as a full set or in various combinations. See the listing on my Etsy shop, JessamaDesign.

how to use The skinner blend Triangles

Use these triangles just as you would any other triangle when creating a Skinner Blend. All you need to do is decide how many parts you want in your Skinner Blend, then choose the appropriate triangle.

All of the triangles are 6cm high, but the base width varies. The total width of the clay after cutting out the number of triangles that matches the cutter you are using, will always equal 16cm. A comfortable fit for most pasta machines.

So if you want to make a three part blend for example:

  • Choose the three part blend triangle.
  • Cut out three pieces of clay using the cutter.
  • Lay them next to one another as in a normal Skinner Blend.
  • Trim and flip the edges as in a normal Skinner Blend.
  • Your clay will be 6cm high and 16cm wide.
  • Proceed as normal.

Please watch the video, where I demonstrate a ten part blend, for more information.

Skinner Blend Cutters Demo Tutorial

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