Kor Rollers Review

Kor Rollers review for polymer clay
Kor Rollers review for polymer clay

Kor rollers are great tools for polymer clay that leave deep, continuous impressions. In this review I'll show you some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of them.

Have a look at my Polymer Clay Mica Frills tutorial for some design ideas.

how to use the Rollers with Polymer clay

  • Give your rollers a good wash with water and a toothbrush before you use them for the first time. They tend to have a light layer of dust in the crevices when they are new.
  • Lay your sheet of clay on your work surface and give it a good spray with water. Don't use the rollers without lubricating your clay.
  • Consider wearing gloves. The cuttings in the roller can be quite sharp.
  • Roll with a firm even pressure. Using a long acrylic or wooden block works well.

What i love about them

  • They have loads of different textures from geometric to organic and everything in between, even little dragonflies.
  • The textures are super deep so Mica Shifts and Mokume Gane are a breeze.
  • Since they are rollers, you can roll a continuous pattern that goes on forever. This is great for things like bangles and vases.
  • You can vary the depth you want your texture to be by varying the pressure you apply when rolling.
  • The patterns are clean and crisp with a slight dome to them.

Problems you may encounter

  • The rollers aren’t as easy to use as you’d expect. It takes a bit of practice to get even pressure while rolling.
  • The texture on the rollers can be quite sharp (not enough to cut you, but enough to be fairly uncomfortable). I’d recommend wearing gloves while using them.
  • They are a little expensive.
  • You can't use them for all polymer clay techniques. The Sutton Slice is an example of a technique that won't work.

Please watch the video for more information and a demonstration of how to use these rollers. In the video I am using the Winter Frost and Square Rhythms rollers.

Kor Rollers Review

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