Oyster Mica Shift Polymer Clay Tutorial

This is the second in a three part collar necklace tutorial. In this part I will be showing you a simple oyster mica shift technique to create a pretty polymer clay veneer that we will be using as the backing for our collar in part three.

If you haven't seen part one you can watch it here: Silk and Bubbles.

You will need the following supplies:

The Oyster Mica Shift Technique Step by Step

  • To start with you’ll need metallic clay. Today I’ll be using Premo Pearl White and Silver.

    You can use any colors. The only rule is that they must be metallic to create the mica shift effect.

  • Take the colors you’ve chosen and roll them out on the middle setting of your pasta machine.
  • Use your largest circle cutter to cut circles from each sheet.
  • Layer the circles next to one another so that they just overlap.
  • Use the next size down to cut out more circles.
  • Lay these on top of the larger circles, silver on silver, and pearl white on pearl white.
  • Repeat with each of your smaller cutters.
  • Use your fingertips to pinch the sides of the circles in and flatten them.
  • Roll over with your acrylic rod to flatten the sheet.
  • Add more groups of circles at the joins and repeat the flattening process. See the video for details.
We will be using this simple metallic oyster veneer in the third part of this tutorial where we will be making a Rockpool Collar Necklace.

Oyster Mica Shift Polymer Clay Tutorial

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