Translucent Pardo Polymer Clay Review

Pardo polymer clay review
Pardo polymer clay review

In this polymer clay video I'll be reviewing translucent Pardo polymer clay. It's a wonderful clay to work with and has the highest translucence of any of the brands I've tested. It can be used in many different projects from faux stones to Mokume Gane. It has so many good things about it, but like any polymer clay brand it’s got a few downsides which I'll be touching on.

I’ll only be reviewing the translucent Pardo in this polymer clay review, but if you’d like me to review the brand as a whole, be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Translucent Pardo Polymer Clay Review

Let’s start with the good things about Pardo translucent:
  • The first and most obvious upside is the fact that it’s so translucent. It’s by far the most translucent of all the brands I’ve tried.
  • It doesn’t have much of a tint, unlike a lot of the other translucent polymer clays.
  • If your Pardo art clay is fresh, it has a wonderfully elastic texture. In some cases it can even be a little too soft.
  • The next pro to Pardo clay can be seen as a downside, but I like it. It’s a thing known as plaquing or mooning. It’s basically spots in the clay that are cloudy. This can be a pain if you want the clay completely clear, but I find it works great for faux stone. (My main use for Pardo translucent.)

Now let's take a look at the downsides:
  • If you don’t like the flaked look in your Pardo translucent caused by the plaquing, this could be a big problem for you. Pardo art clay does it a lot!
  • Pardo polymer clay translucent is also rather expensive compared to other brands of polymer clay at around $4.00 a block.
  • It can be hard to get hold of and you’re probably going to have to buy it online.
  • Pardo has a relatively short shelf life of around six months. This can cause problems when you buy it online, as it can arrive hard and crumbly. It’s usable like this, but it's a pain in the neck. I buy mine here and it always arrives fresh.
Overall I give Pardo Translucent a big thumbs up. I wouldn’t be able to do many of my polymer clay techniques without it, and as long as you go along with what it’s supposed to do, it will work for you.

Translucent Pardo Polymer Clay Review

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