Antiqued Polymer Clay Crackle

Antiqued Polymer clay crackle
Antiqued Polymer clay crackle

Welcome to Day 10 of a 30 Day Cracklathon with polymer clay. I'll be creating a different crackle veneer every day for a whole month.

Today I'll be using a crackle paste and some pastels to create this striking polymer clay crackle. Keep in mind that you can also use Kroma Crackle for this technique.

You can also use the heat gun crackle technique for this so be sure to play around with it. Try out different colors of pastels or mica powders for a different look each time.

You will need the following supplies:

  • Polymer Clay (White)
  • Mica Powders or pastels
  • Artline Crackle Paste Medium (or Kroma Crackle)

Antiqued Polymer Clay Crackle

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