Pearl and Pebeo Pendant

by Patricia Norris
(Sorrento, Florida, USA)

Bare Pendant Before Finishing Techniques

Bare Pendant Before Finishing Techniques

What brand of clay did you use?

Sculpey Premo

What colors did you use? If you mixed them
yourself you can include a color recipe here if
you like.

I used conditioned Sculpey Premo Pearl polymer

What products did you use? e.g. Lisa Pavelka
Crackle Texture Stamp, or Pearlex Antique Copper
Mica Powder. (The more detail the better.)

I used the Frozen Fractures texture stamp from
Jessama Etsy shop for the texture on the top of
the pendant.

I used 40 grit sandpaper to texture the back of
the pendant.

I also used the following Pebeo Prisme Fantasy
paints to fill in the recesses: Marina, Moonstone,
Pearl Violet, and Turquoise.

Mini circle cutters (from Jessama) were used to
create the holes and the largest size of the
Cleopatra Collar cutters, also from Jessama, were
used to cut the pendant.

The sides were sanded from coarser to finer
sandpapers and Ice Resin was used to finish the
top of the pendant.

The sides and back are finished with Renaissance

Finally, a cord was made using turquoise faux
suede and sterling silver cord ends, jump ring,
and lobster clasp (not shown).

Any special tools that other polymer clayers
may be interested in?

A soft sponge was used to smooth the sides so that
prior to baking there were no lines showing where
the top and back of the pendant come together.

Tell us how it went. Was it fun? Easy? Hard?
Did you struggle with anything?

This was a very easy project, it took less than an
hour of actual work. I waited a full week, maybe
more, between dropping the Pebeo paints into the
recesses and finishing with the resin. The Pebeo
paints draw in quite a bit, I might possibly put a
little more into the recesses after allowing it to
slightly dry when I make something else similar,
but each recess was filled pretty well to the top.
The hardest part was making sure the resin went
all the way to the sides. I found with the texture
stamp that I used the resin really wanted to keep
drawing towards the center and I had to pay quite
a bit of attention to make sure the resin went all
the way to the sides. It ended up not perfect in
that respect, but I'm satisfied with my first
attempt to use Ice Resin, next time I will be
more alert to making sure it doesn't draw away
from the sides at all.

Do you have any tips for others trying this

Go for it! I did some things a little different
from Samantha's gorgeous example. I left the top
texture all over the pendant and I also liked the
slightly wonky circles, it has a little bit
organic look rather than making the circles
perfect. I pretty well followed the recommended
steps, misting the texture stamp with water. I
used a straw to very gently blow out the bubbles
in the resin as demonstrated, and I definitely
found that to be absolutely necessary.

Do you have any ideas for variations on this

I would like to do some rectangles to make a
bracelet using the same kind of recessed shapes
filled with Pebeo Prisme paint. I think it would
be fun to explore different shapes for the
recesses; stars, rectangles, hearts, there are
lots of mini cutters that might be fun to play
with for creating spaces to hold the paint. It
would be fun to try some very formal looking
projects as well as some fun and playful designs
using three same basic techniques.

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Dec 09, 2018
by: Samantha

Wow. I love your version of this project. It striking. I also love your ideas for variations. I just imagine what that bracelet would look like.

Tip with the Ice Resin: I find that pouring enough resin to get a bit of a dome helps prevent the resin pulling from the edges.


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