Natasha Bead Bangle

by Jo Sullivan
(Houston, Alabama)

What brand of clay did you use?


What colors did you use? If you mixed them yourself you can include a color recipe here if you like.

I used black, white, blue and glitter white. It was leftovers from a zebra cane and a failed puppy paw cane.

Any special tools that other polymer clayers may be interested in?

I baked it on a soda can. :D :D

Tell us how it went. Was it fun? Easy? Hard? Did you struggle with anything?

I love it, I did it to use up a failed cane, but I'll be doing it on purpose more often. LOVE this technique and the results.

Do you have any tips for others trying this technique?


Do you have any ideas for variations on this technique?

I made a longer roll and when I matched the middle, I rolled it flat to make a bangle. I also made earrings out of the ends. I made the roll longer than the bangle so I could match the earrings.

I didn't have a proper cutter, I'm just starting in clay and don't have lots of tools yet. They didn't turn out like I would like cause they just look wonky. I didn't take a picture of them.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

Thank you so very much for all the tutorials you share. I've watched so many, yours are some of the ones I have on subscription. I do have a few favorites that I enjoy watching. You are right up there at the top of that list.

Some I watch for information, but I really don't like because of various reasons, you have a very pleasant voice, your lighting is wonderful, your camera angles are well thought out, your tools are organized, you don't launch on long tirades about some biker you met 30 years ago, (probably before you were born :D :D) and you give precise instructions that are easy to understand.

I love the bird sounds that I hear in the background. I have always loved having birds around. Anyway, thanks again for your hard work.

I've always done some kind of crafting, art was my major many years ago. I let life get in the way of my creativity. I crochet and have used that to supplement my income for the last 5 years. I discovered Polymer Clay and now I'm hooked. ;)

The first thing I did was cover my crochet hooks. My shop name is Moziere's Place and I am TheMoziere on YouTube.

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Aug 23, 2017
Thank you for you Photo
by: Samantha

Thank you so much Jo Sullivan. That's perfect. What a lot of great information. I'm sure people will find this helpful and now I can see how you made it. The soda can is a great idea.

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