Black & White Flower Cane Summer Cuff Bracelet

by Jasmine Healey
(Port Jervis, New York, USA)

What brand of clay did you use?

Premo & Premo Accents

What colors did you use? If you mixed them yourself you can include a color recipe here if you like.

For the cane, I used black, white & translucent. For the background of the bracelet I mixed equal parts Premo Accents Flourescent Pink & Premo Accents Flourescent Yellow, to come out with this very bright, summery looking orange.

Any special tools that other polymer clayers may be interested in?

I used a cuff blank, which is extremely helpful

Tell us how it went. Was it fun? Easy? Hard? Did you struggle with anything?

I did struggle with the flower cane. I know it's basic, but I'm still having a hard time at mastering any canes, even the simple ones.
I was so relieved though because when I cut it open, it resembled a flower! (Which is why I have to show it off now!)
I also struggled with the bracelet backing- the orange part. No matter how many cuffs I make, I cannot seem to make it all nice & smooth & refined, like Samantha's. At least one part of it always turns out all bumpy & lumpy & it looks very unprofessional. I also had some left over chalk pastels from another project on my hands when I went to put the backing on, and they got all over it. So talk about unprofessional looking!

Do you have any tips for others trying this technique?

Well, this flower cane was part of the dragon scale mica shift project. And while I absolutely love that pendant, and will definitely be making that later today, I decided to also use the black & White Flower Cane for other projects, such as this cuff. So my tip for trying this technique applies to all of them, really- don't just focus on 1 specific project when making a cane or a sheet, etc. Keep your mind open to many different ways to use the same technique.

Do you have any ideas for variations on this technique?

No, I don't. I'm nowhere near good enough yet to even think of any variations, not when it comes to the cane. I follow all the instructions to a T!

Anything else you would like to share with us?

Just how blessed I feel to have found Samantha. I know this sounds ridiculous, but by following you, it has changed my life. I fell in love with something I never had any interest in & it's your tutorials that give me the drive to keep pushing with it even when I mess up. Your YouTube & Patreon sites are incredible because of how great you are- talented, kind, patient, sweet, etc. I am currently so sad that I couldn't pay for Patreon this month.. I feel lost without it! I really really do. But the instant I can, I will be back on there to help support you & to learn even more from you. Since I can't view Patreon right now, I've been scouring through all your YouTube tutorials (again!) And making things over that I hadn't made in months. And while I prefer Patreon, of course, I'm so happy with your YouTube videos. So THANK YOU!! Ok, I will shut up now

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Aug 30, 2018
by: Samantha

The bracelet looks beautiful. I love the edges that frame the flowers.

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